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Cyber Security

Three dedicated subnets protected by locked-down security groups.

Our Cloud in Ocean provide secure key storage and cold keys are removed from running nodes when not required for operation… We only allow the necessary traffic and ports.



Top Quality Staking Pool

High reward on staking (ROS) is a direct result of high performance. 

To achieve a high performing stake pool our team has implemented nodes on the Cloud, Non-Stop monitored 24/7/365… assuring its ability to create 100% of assigned blocks.



Help us to Help

Cardano is changing the world for good.

We firmly believe in the scientific aproach of Cardano, the potential of decentralisation and the egalitarian vision of banking the unbanked, providing the same tools and rights to every human been independently where were they borned.



Fast & Safe Changes

Perfect Scaling whenever the Cardano stake pools need.

Thanks to the cloud power, we can increase the size or number of our nodes at any moment. We are exploiting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to deploy our architecture, so our setup will scale easy and secured with the Cardano stake pools changes.



Crystal Clear

People are the most valuable asset.

Our goal is to treat you as we want to be treat and build a long term relationship that is trustworthy with our partners. We all want to maximize our ROS and profit but never at your expenses. What is good for you, is good for us, together We Win!

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Cardano Ecosystem

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