We offer an effective loyalty rewards · Up to 50% of profit participation! · Delegate and Become a Valued Partner



30 Days Loyal

Those who stays 6 EPOCHS

You Fearless Fish become officially a #TOP Partner with a 5% of Time Weightage participation of the Stake Pool profit.



First Quarter

Staying 18 EPOCHS 

Delegating your stake for 90 days in a row turns you in a Brave Stingray and you participate in the 10% of the Stake Pool Profit.



Two in a Row

After 36 EPOCHS

You became a smart dolphin convinced of the potential of decentralisation and with 180 days surfing with us you now participate in the 15% of #TOP Stake Pool Profits.



3rd Quarter

54 epochs or 270 days

You share the egalitarian vision of banking the unbanked, providing the same tools and rights to every human been … That makes you a Spiritual Shark with a higher participation in the 20% rank.



Last Quarter

Already 73 EPOCHS!

50% as a Wise Whale after 365 days swimming into the crypto together. A Valued Partner participating in the New Digital Revolution and leading the PoS World.

Advices and Answers

What do I have to do?

You just need to delegate to our pool (Pool ID: 312dc5f4a4a7d733a544651d0871604d4b8712e3ebf232f64bb5d4d5) and stay with us for 30 days or 6 epochs in order to be eligible and start boosting your wallet.

What do I risk?

Your ADA stake stays in your wallet, fully under your own control and is never locked. You can send it somewhere else at any time. There are not risks by staking Cardano.

How do I stake?

You first need a wallet. The top 3 wallets are Daedalus, Adalite and Yoroi.  You will be guided through this inside the program.

Once you create a wallet and your ADA is transferred, go to the Delegation Center and search our #TOP Stake Pool by Staking Partnes (Pool ID: 312dc5f4a4a7d733a544651d0871604d4b8712e3ebf232f64bb5d4d5)

After the delegation is done to our stake pool, you can simply add more ada to your wallet, and it will automatically be staked as well.

For more detaits visit our tutorials

Could I delegate to another pool?

You can always freely change your delegation to another pool at any time. But your loyalty time weightage would be reseted and you are not longer eligible for our loyalty rewards.

I don't understand your loyalty program...

The loyalty program is basically: The longer you stay in #TOP Stake Pool and the higher is your stake, the greater you are rewarded.

The method of distribution is Weighted Average calculations

Example distributed in rules based in time:

1st Rule: those who stay +30 days Result: Time Weightage 5% / Weighted Average X%

2nd Rule: the ones who stayed +1 quarter (90 days) Result: Time Weightage 10% / Weighted Average X%

3rd Rule: after +2 quarters (180 days) Result: Time Weightage 15% / Weighted Average X%

4th Rule: +270 days Result: Time Weightage 20% / Weighted Average X%

5th Rule: from/after a year (+365 days) Result: Time Weightage 50% / Weighted Average X%


For more details visit our Terms of Use

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